Dual Language DAISY


Hi everybody,
I just wanted to check in to see if there has been any progress with creating dual language DAISY in any of the different ongoing projects? I have tried playing with the Pipeline to see if I can create a french/english academic book but unfortunately to no avail. My technical skills would be quite good but I am not at the level of computer programmer as of yet :)

Any advice / information would be greatly appreciated?

Many thanks,

Which type of book do you want to create? If you want to make text only book then there are no language issues in using DAISY Pipeline provided you have a well marked up source document. If you want to create DAISY book with text and audio then I suggest you also have a look at Tobi. In this tool you can manually select the TTS to generate speech for selected text. Tobi is available at http://www.daisy.org/tobi

Yes, it would be a DAISY book with text and audio. I will look into tobi. Thanks for your help.

Hi again,
I've been playing with Tobi - very interesting. Unfortunately I seem unable to obtain a french tts engine to use with it. According to the World Wide Web Microsoft Anna is the only TTS available for Windows 7? Would this be correct? I find this to extremely annoying if it's true - I thought MS were jumping on board the #a11y train & working positively for disabled users. Personal opinion but I am getting frustrated here. Again, any advice is hugely appreciated.

Dear Daniel, You're right, there's only good old Anna for free. If you need any other language TTS you would have to buy and install it. Then Save as DAISY should tag words in their appropriate language, after which the DAISY pipeline, with the use of the TTS's available on your hard drive will create a dual or multi language DAISY book. Hope this answers your question Regards Olaf

Hi Olaf,
That's interesting thank you. So what you're saying is that by purchasing a third-party TTS Engine, installing it on the system and then marking up the text in a text editor (e.g. MS Word) to its appropriate language, I would have a document that has the capabilities to be converted to a dual language DTB after being converted to xml through Save As Daisy? Would the Pipeline Narrator Script be the script of choice in this regard.