Hi everyone, I made a mistake in Tobi, when I finished recording every phrase, I still had some phrases without audio that I wanted to delete, so I clicked in the option "Cleanup" in the menu "Edit" with the idea that it will delete all the phrases without audio. Instead of that, all my recordings were deleted and saved in a folder called "_DELETED". Is there a way to recover the file I had before I "Clean-it up"???

Thank you very much!


Hello Gustavo, the cleanup function removes audio data that is unused in the Tobi project: audio is unused when it is not currently "attached" to text, but it is actually still stored on the hard disc (unnecessarily utilising bytes inside the project's data folder). The cleanup function puts the unwanted WAV files in a folder named "_DELETED", which you can manually delete (or move to the recycle bin / trash) once you are 100% sure that your project is working fine (just do a quick check of playback before you delete the audio files). Does this clarify things for you? Regards, Daniel

Thank you Daniel, the problem is that the audio deleted was the attached audio. Before the "cleanup" all my phrases had their assigned audio, after that all the phrases are without audio.

Okay, first of all: make sure to keep the files in the "_DELETED" data folder, and also preserve the .xuk backup files that are located inside your project directory. This may help you recover your work, if indeed you lost it. Secondly, the cleanup function asks to save the project before executing. Did you save your project prior to running the cleanup command? Thirdly, could you please send your DTBOOK XML file (usually named "dtbook.xml") to (I will see if there is a structural problem with the document markup). How long was your recorded audio? Several minutes, hours? Regards, Dan

It's only several minutes. I thought I had saved before the project but when I opened again (without saving after "cleanup"), audios weren't there. But I found another folder "SingleNarrator_DATA" (which contains "_DELETED" folder) where there are located the edited recordings. I have sent you my files.

Thank you very much for your help Daniel!



Ah, it looks like the spanish accent in the title of your book might be problematic: SingleNarrator.xml[BIOGRAFÍA_MarcoTulio] SingleNarrator.xml[BIOGRAFêA_Marco Tulio] SingleNarrator.xml[BIOGRAFÕA_MarcoTulio] Could you please check the name of your "_Data" folder (it should be next to your project files). Thank you!

Thank you Daniel, I found the edited recordings in the "_Data" folder; they're not attached, but I can attach them to the phrases again.


Please let me know the name of your "_Data" folder, I need to know why the accent is a problem in the file name. Thank you :)

(there seems ot be a bug in the handling of accentuated characters, I need to understand how to fix it)

I think you can recover the text-audio synchronisation just by renaming the data directory, no need to start everything again.

Regards, Daniel