Phrases and footnotes


Hi everyone.

I have a problem with TOBI. The 'rec' and 'import' buttons are disabled only when i try to record the phrases that are before and after the reference numbers. Does it have to do with some step i missed while exporting from Word? Or is it a TOBI problem?

Thank you very much,

The Tobi audio commands are disabled when it is impossible to attach audio to an XML node in the document. Typically, that is because the selected XML fragment is TEXT (as you can see in the structure "trail" above the document pane).

Solution: when you record your voice narration, do not use the mouse to click on the text document. Instead, always use the previous/next buttons / commands, as they will guarantee that the selected text is an XML element, which can be used for audio.

Thank you so much, Daniel. I'll try what you've suggested right away.