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Hi! I have two questions:

1.- when i added footnotes in Tobi appeared with different numbers, fot example, 02, 13, 24, etc. and i want to appear in serial numbers. (when I added footnotes i did it with the option of daisy in word, and then appeared so at tobi)

2. how can i record in sentences rather than in paragraph?

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When you use export as DAISY xml in save as DAISY, it creates paragraph level markup so to overcome this problem you should export the book as full text full audio book in save as DAISY. Once you have the full text full audio available then you can import the xml file into Tobi, this file will provide you sentence level navigation. And when you are using save as DAISY again, you can correct your footnotes there only. I should also inform that you can also edit text in Tobi, just select an element and press F2, it will open the edit box where you can change the text and press enter.
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Thanks a lot, again.
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I have other question, when I save as full text full audio book, it creates a folder "daisy 202" when i opened with tobi I chose the file that says "content" and the text is complete, now I can record in sentences and then when I want to open with amis, I can't open the document, the extention of this is. opf, what I can do?

Hello, Tobi only supports DAISY 3 books (not DAISY 2.02). Please import the OPF file from the DAISY 3 (Z3986) folder that gets created by Microsoft Save As DAISY. Regards, Daniel

Daniel thanks you, I can export and listen to in amis