OBI failed


Hi! Yesterday I had a problem with OBI locked and then closed, when I opened again, all my job had been lost but in audio folder were all audio, how can i restore my job again?

Hello Mireya, You can go to your project folder. In the project folder you can see a back up folder .Open the back up folder and copy file from there and save it to your project folder.Rename it as . Now you restart obi and select this file to open your project. Hope this solves your problem. With Regards Rachana

It will be very helpful if you can provide us with the following:
1. Which version of Obi are you using and on which operating system.
2. Please locate the project file and the backup file and send it across to us. The project file usually have the name and backup file has name like in the backup folder. Please send it to
with regards

Thanks a lot. But I decided to start again and deleted old project