cannot access a Closed Stream

I'm creating Maths DAISY books from MS Word 2010 with Save as DAISY Add-In. It's a valid document containing Mathtype Equations but when I put it through the translation process I receive the error:

"cannot access a closed Stream"

Does anyone have any ideas / advice?


Dear Daniel,

Did not see such error message earlier.

Does your document validate? Would you mind sharing the file so that I can check on my computer?

My email ID is pverma[at the rate]


Many thanks for the reply, Yes the document has been validated & no validation errors. It is quite a large file containing mathtype and jpegs. I can try zipping and see how we get on.

Dear Prashant,
The file is too large to transfer via email. I will email you with a link later with details on how to download it from FTP site.
Thank you,