Daisy 2 Pipeline Tutorial doesn't seem to work



I tried to replicate and test the example described within the DAISY Pipeline 2 Tutorial (see here: http://docs.daisy-pipeline.googlecode.com/hg/2012/2012-02-workshop/presentations/tutorial-simple-module.html).

However, it seems that the finished solution provided by the author doesn't work. I added the "org.daisy.pipeline.modules.job-lister.jar" archive to the modules folders within my Daisy Pipeline 2 local installation (it's running via localhost on port 9000). I then fired up the Webgui, but the script/pipeline doesn't show.

Did I overlook something or is this script actually only usable by mean of the Command Line interface?

Regards, Matthias Einbrodt

Hi Matthias,

The script from the tutorial was originally intended to be used for the Command Line interface indeed. Another reason is that the slides are probably outdated. I'm gonna have a look ASAP to see why the script doesn't work.

The state of the developer documentation is generally pretty bad at the time of writing (sorry!). I intend to work on it in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you can have a look at the existing modules and scripts on github and don't hesitate to questions here or on the developers mailing list (I just approved your request to join).


Hi Romain,

thank you very much for your reply. I have to add that I didn't test the script on the command line yet. As it was originally intented for this interface, there might be actually nothing wrong with it.

Regards, Matthias