Please register your priorities in Obi-Tobi survey

Dear Obi & Tobi users,

The Obi-Tobi development & deployment team has hosted a survey for the organizations which are using Obi or Tobi or are planning to use in near future.
The objective of the survey is to assist us with prioritizing the further development of Obi (DAISY audio with structure) and Tobi (DAISY and EPUB 3 full-text and audio) features.

The results of this survey will influence the development road map of Obi & Tobi. So please respond to the survey on behalf of your organization and make sure that the features which are high priority for you are represented well in the future road map of the project.

This online survey is available at:

Please submit your responses by February 1st, 2013.

With regards
Avneesh Singh