installation help


I downloaded the zip file of pipeline 2 and followed the instruction to install it. However, the it didn't appear the information as the manual indicated. After I clicked dp 2. exe in the folder of Cli, the following information appeared:
[DP2] Waiting for the WS to come up
[DP2 The daisy pipeline 2 WS isup!
Usage: dp2 command[option]
type dp2 help for more info.
Then there was nothing more and the program stopped.
Can anybody tell me how to deal with this?

Try opening a command prompt first. I believe you'll find it in the system tools or maybe the utilities folder of the start menu, depending on your version of windows. You can always get to it by saying Start->Run and typing "cmd.exe".

Anyway, once you've got it open, go to the folder of the CLI, and try this command: "dp2.exe help". If that works, you can go ahead and try some other commands. There are some examples here:

Feel free to ask for help if you're having trouble running a certain command, or if you aren't sure which one to use.