What is necesary to download new Tobi?


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My name is Claudia Corona, I have written here before, I need you help !!! Toby desappear of my computer, i uninstall it and re installed but it don´t open!!! i ´m trying to downlad the New Toby, i undestand that maybe it could help me, but in this page i don´t find the link for downlad it, i realy need your help because I going to be without computer for a month and i must to do muy project!!!! Please Could You Help me??? Also i sent you a document that i couldn´t to translate to daiysy dtbook but i haven´t received a answer!! thank you so much for your adviced

Hello Claudia, (1) Regarding Tobi installation: what happens when you try the "ClickOnce .NET 4" link on this page? http://www.daisy.org/tobi/download (2) Regarding converting a document to DAISY DTBOOK: to whom did you send the document? Did you ask on a forum, or directly via email? I cannot find your message. If you haven't done it already, I suggest that you post your query on the "Save As DAISY" forum: http://www.daisy.org/forums/save-as-daisy-microsoft Regards, Daniel