I can not translate a document to DAISY DT Book

Hi every one,

My name is Claudia and i am participating in PTV of UNAM in Mexico City, I need your help because I have been trying for weeks to translate a document and I have done a lot of corrections, which I see in this website and other tips, and the problem have not resolved. First, i could not to translate because my document had not sufficient "titles" . I resolved this problem and then export to TOBI. When I opened the project, i Saw the paragraps had separeted and they do not respect the original format.. The record was imposible because I know that if the project has not a correct format, AMIS won´t read it. For this reason I to made format with "sent" style . I had a problem with the foot notes, becasue I modified in a "sent" style , but now they are in a " foot note text". I have revised the document a lot of times and I can not to find the problem!!! You help us a lot if your error´s messages are more clear!!!! The message which appears me is < the open label "sent" in line 896 do not coincide with close label "span" position 3 . I can not understand this message!

Help me please!!

It is difficult to give the resolution from your description. How did you apply the "sent" style and how did you create the "footnotes" in Microsoft Word? You may send the document to me by email and I will do my best to fix it. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]daisy.org

Ok, thank you so much! I going to send you asap. Good afternoon!

I did not receive your document as yet. Please send again. I am giving you my second email ID prashant.rv@gmail.com Prashant

I've worked with a translation agency to help me with the same problem you encountered. You can Google them - Syncrotranslation is thei agency name.