AMIS won't open!



AMIS will not work on the laptop I have with Windows 7. Every time I try to open it I get a message (in Swedish, I have the Swedish version) that AMIS has stopped working. I have tried all three compatibility modes and the debug mode without success. It has worked previously, when I first installed it a few weeks ago but then it just stopped working. I have uninstalled and installed AMIS three times.


Kind regards,

Robert Sansum

Sorry it didn't work for you! Try completely removing the folders "C:\ProgramData\AMIS" and "C:\Program Files\AMIS", and then reinstal AMIS. If it still does not work then please start AMIS in "Debug" mode and send me the log file. Just go to the start menu, choose "AMIS->Additional->AMIS Debug". Then after it crashes, send me the log file from this directory: C:\ProgramData\AMIS\settings\amisLog.txt My email ID is pverma[at the rate] thanks, Prashant