Error message when Tobi starts


Dear users,

So far, two users sent us the same bug report: an error message box appears as soon as Tobi starts. Looking at the Tobi.log file, it seems that DirectX is not being able to connect correctly to the driver for the "Realtek High Definition Audio" soundcard (recording devices are missing from the list, only playback devices are listed).

Perhaps it is a Windows-related issue (corrupted driver settings), but it could also be a new problem with Tobi 1.9+. So, to those affected, please go through the following steps to help us troubleshoot:

1) run DXDiag.exe from the Windows start menu (type the word "DXDiag" inside the "search" field of the start menu, and wait until the DXDiag utility appears in the list ... otherwise, you can find DXDiag.exe directly in C:/Windows/System32/).

2) save all the DXDiag information in a text file (there is a special button for this at the bottom of the application window), and send us the file (

3) go to the Control Panel, open up "Manage Audio Devices" or "Configure Audio Card Settings": a popup window should appear with several tabs, one of which is labelled "Recording". The list should contain several items, typically: "Line In" and "Microphone". Use your mouse right button to click on the list (the context menu should appear), and make sure "Show Disabled Devices" is ticked. It would be great if you could send us a screenshot, or simply type the text of the list items in an email. To take a screenshot: ALT-PrtSc ("print screen"), then open "Paint", then CTRL-V (paste clipboard), then save the image and send it to us.

4) run the latest version of Tobi (1.9+), close Tobi, send us the Tobi.log (the shortcut should be on the desktop if you are using the ClickOnce version of Tobi).

5) unzip the old version of Tobi (link below), run Tobi by double-clicking on the "Tobi_NET4.exe" file inside the "Tobi_NET4_1.7.9.4" folder, close Tobi, and then send us the Tobi.log file (also inside the unzipped folder).

6) plug-in a USB headset (with built-in microphone), wait for it to be configured properly (Windows should make a "beep" sound), and repeat (1) (2) (3) (4) (5).

Many thanks, let's hope this audio driver issue can be fixed rapidly!

Regards, Daniel

Additionally, if all fails, it might be useful to update the audio drivers for the "Realtek High Definition Audio" device to the latest official version R2.70:

Ultimately, it might be worth re-installing the DirectX runtime, just to make sure it is configured correctly:


Dear users, someone was successful with step (3) ==> the Windows settings must enable the audio recording / capture device, otherwise Tobi cannot see it! Let us know if the problem persist after you have checked your Windows audio preferences. Regards, Daniel