inline pages are not listed


Dear all,

I have a document where we have set pagenum entities. Some of them are inline within the text and not in separate paragraphs, like

"This is a page <pagenum page="normal" id="page10">10</pagenum> that is inline."

Placing inline pagenums are useful to have a common reference with the original book, and it complies with DAISY specification.

When opening the document with AMIS, these inline pagenum are shown in the text content, but they are not shown in the Pages pane in AMIS, so the user cannot navigate to that pages directly.

Just to mention that these entities are listed in TOBI Pages pane without problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Gerasimos,

The pages in the pane on the left are determined by what is in the navigation document. For example, the "pages" navlist in the NCX file of DAISY 3 books, or the NCC elements with class="page=*" for DAISY 2.02 books.

Are these inline pagenums also referenced by the NCX?


Hello Marisa,

You are right, missing pagenums are not listed in the NCX document. So I guess this issue is related to the "Save-as-DAISY" plug-in?

Thank you,

Dear Gerasimos, I also think that it is a Save As DAISY issue. I could not successfully translate a document having an inline page successfully. With some manual correction I created a book having inline pages from DAISY Pipeline and this one is working properly in AMIS. It will be good if you send me your sample to my email ID pverma[at the rate] Thanks, Prashant


Just to update: this seems to be a PIPELINE issue: I tried to convert Word 2003 XML to DTBook and inline pagenums are not exported to the NCX document.