<pagenum> inside sentence cause speech break



I have a sentence, where I have placed a pagenum element in between 2 words.

This is a <pagenum id="page1">1</pagenum> text. (I am not sure whether xml code will appear here, but '1' is markes as pagenum)

From Info -> Reading Options... I select not to read "Pages". This works, but the TTS makes a major break pause at the point where the page number is. It sounds like:

"This is a. text."

Is this something that can be fixed?

Thank you

If you use a powerful PC the gap becomes less audible. I would consider making page breaks after a full stop. The reference the page numbering gives to the print edition is still maintained, which is the main issue. If you consider that the original page numbers are dependent on the physical page size and therefore arbitrary, and that a DAISY 'book' should (and does) provide a better reading experience, you as the publisher of the DAISY version certainly have the right and duty to provide that better reading experience. In works where an absolute referentiality must be maintained, I record within the page number tag, for example: "the page break in the original hyphenates the word 'wis-dom'", or "between 'nobody knows' and 'any better'". But have a look at the structure guidelines here: http://www.daisy.org/z3986/structure/SG-DAISY3/part1.html#auto_0018 Regards Olaf

It's because AMIS is not a very advanced text-only/TTS book reader. It sees the phrases one fragment at a time, based on what is written in the SMIL markup. So if you have a reference to a page in between references to body text, even if the page reference is being ignored, it still leaves the body text broken in two pieces, which AMIS renders one at a time. Does this make sense? A more advanced text-only reader would ignore the SMIL entirely when there is no audio available but as AMIS is mainly a SMIL-based full text, full audio player and secondly a text-only reader, it does not have the sort of intelligence to parse DTBook or HTML directly but rather still relies on the SMIL to dictate how the phrases are broken up. It does not, however, insert any characters into the text stream. The pause you are hearing is most likely from the TTS engine receiving two separate "speak" instructions, one for the body text before the page break and one for the text after it.