Issues when preserving original page numbers


I am preserving the original page numbers of books. I enter the page number manually and mark it as page number (DAISY) and if the last word of the page continues on the next I move that last bit to the previous page.

I wonder if this is the best practice as it causes a number of issues:
1. Sentences, paragraphs, numbered lists, tables can be divided into two parts
2. There is no distinction between a paragraph divided into two parts and two paragraphs, one following the other.

Don't these issues create some difficulty with navigation as well as causing some confusion?
I need to keep the original pages but without comprimising the integrity of the document.

Any advice would be valuable

Thank you

Dear Vasiliki, Placing the page number at the end of sentence instead of middle of sentence is a common practice. However note that even if you place the page number exactly at the point it occurs in the print book, the users have the option of turning off page announcement to maintain the flow of reading. So, if retaining the exact page layout is essential you may include the page number between a sentence or a list. In the document in this case do not insert a paragraph break before typing the page number, you may use line break instead. Prashant

Dear Prashant,
thank you for the feedback! I didn't know that the page number is usually placed at the end of sentence. I will keep this in mind. I know AMIS makes a small pause where the page no is. Is that why it's better for the page no to be at the end of sentence?
You mention using a line break instead of a paragraph break, but would it be wrong not to break at all? That is to use the page number inline? Or even inside a word?


Dear Vasiliki, I see several reasons for putting the page number at the end of sentence. 1. If the user is reading with screen reading software, announcement of digits between sentence text may be confusing and create difficulty in understanding the text. 2. If the text is being recorded in human or text-to-speech voice then also reding of page number will not be good for comprehending the text. 3. Use of line break makes the page number stand out from the corresponding text. This is good for people who can see the screen. But using the page number inline does not make the document invalid. Prashant