AMIS multilingual support

Hi all, I am a complete newbie to the field of accessible software. I live in Israel and I would like to extend the power of DAISY to people with disabilities (especially in academic institutions) in my own country. AMIS sounds like a good program. What I would like to know is whether it's possible to author a DAISY dtb with full text&audio (human, not machine) in Hebrew (obviously I am referring to the text (not the audio). If not is there another program that you could recommend (open source or commercial). One more question: Is there a place where I can view books (demos) that were created using AMIS? Thanks, Tsammi Wachenhauser

Hello, AMIS is just for playing DAISY books, not for creating them. You can read about authoring/production tools at One that comes to mind is Dolphin Publisher (commercial). Also, there is Obi, which is open source, but produces audio + table of contents books, not full-text. In that case, the table of contents text could be in Hebrew. There is also a new open source full text + audio production tool called Tobi which is under development, so stay tuned. As far as playing a Hebrew book, AMIS is not customized for right-to-left languages, so while the individual characters would appear correctly, the justification could be wrong. This is an area for improvement that we want to investigate more thoroughly. Best regards Marisa DeMeglio Software Developer DAISY Consortium