Pipeline 2 1.1 released!


The 1.1 version of the Pipeline 2 project is now available for download at:

This version notably features a totally revamped command-line tool, with a syntax based on a subcommand system, and implemented as a client application to the web service API (implemented in Ruby).

The Web Service API has been polished and all the XML payload formats have been slightly refactored. Authentication has been reinforced, and sample client code is available in a small set of programming languages (C#, Ruby, PHP).

In terms of processing functionality, this release brings no major change except for a new "DTBook to EPUB 3" script based on a combination of the existing "DTBook to DAISY AI" and "DAISY AI to EPUB 3" functionality.

Make sure to read the release notes for more details:

Last but not least, a more complete user guide is now available on the Pipeline 2 wiki:

It is a work in progress and will be gradually improved and enriched, but reader feedback is already welcome!