Version of the Save as DAISY for Office 2010 Add-in is Now Available

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I use Windows 7(32bit) machine and Office2010(32bit). Also I use Windows 7(64bit) machine and Office2010(32bit).

I downloaded "Save as Daisy version for 32-bit Office" (using
I set this software and Japanese tts but I cannot create Full DAISY(from single docx) in either machines.

Help me.

I can create that with Offce2007(32bit) and Save as DAISY( from using another vista machine(32-bit).

Help you with what, dear Yozo?
So you created your DAISY book, no?

On the other hand you seem to want to mismatch bit versions of OS and Word AND put Save as DAISY in the middle of that?


Please elaborate on how many computers you have which OS in what bit mode running with which Word version in what bit mode with which bit mode version of Save as DAISY, because I sure am confused.


Dear Yozo,
Perhaps you want to say that the older version of Save As DAISY is working properly but you cannot create full DAISY books using the latest Save As DAISY installer available on

What error you get when you try to convert documents to full DAISY? Please send error message with reproduction steps. Are you able to create the DAISY XML file from the same document? Does your document validate successfully.
Your answers to these questions will help in locating the problem. You may also send the document to my mail ID: pverma[at the rate]


I've tried to get Save as DAISY to work without success. I have Word 2010 32 bit. I downloaded the latest version for 32-bit and it appeared to install correctly. The accessibility tab does not appear. I go to add-ins, and nothing is disabled, but the DAISY addin is inactive. I go to COM Addins and check the checkbox, however it goes unchecked again after restarting Word still with no accessibility tab. I tried an older version of Save as DAISY and it does not install, stating "Word do not install".
Please help!

Dear Eric,

You can uninstall the DAISY Translator completely and then reinstall it. If your Microsoft Office 2010 is 32 bit then you need the version of Save as DAISY which can be downloaded from this link. Note that the bit version of Windows does not matter, you need 64 bit installer only if the Microsoft Office is 64 bit.

If reinstalling and enabling from the "Options > Add-ins" does not help then this indicates a problem with the Office installation on your computer. If you are confident you may try to alter the registry to fix the loading of this add-in. Some instructions on doing this is at