Books in other languages

I am from Brazil and i'm using MS Save as Daisy, I want to create books in portuguese, but even I change de parameter for portuguese it's created books in english. I'm using Ms Word 2007 in portuguese version. Somebody can help me please?

Dear Silvana,
Please provide more information about the steps you followed for converting your portuguese document.

The Microsoft Word Save As DAISY add-in only converts the document into either a DAISY XML file or creates a multimedia talking book using the default Text to Speech(TTS) installed on the computer. Therefore, there is no way the content or the language of the document would be altered by Save As DAISY. However while creating a Full DAISY talking book if you don't choose an appropriate TTS then the narration of the text will not be correct.

So, if you are using the full DAISY option then first select a portuguese TTS in Control Panel > Speech.
If you don't have a portuguese TTS you can easily get one, there are many options available. Se

And I suggest you use the new version of Save As DAISY released today. It is available for download at