Multiple options on command line


When I use the following command line: -s dtbook-to-zedai -i source=testIn/JW393/JW393.xml -t opt-output-dir=file:/Users/jpritchett/daisy-pipeline/testOut/JW393 opt-zedai-filename=JW393_zai.xml

Only the first option is recognized and acted upon. If I swap the order of the two options, I get an error that I haven't given an output-dir. So it looks like only the first option on the command line is being processed. What am I doing wrong here?

Mac OS X 10.6.8, Java 1.6.0


Options must be separated by commas. The command line should be: -s dtbook-to-zedai -i source=testIn/JW393/JW393.xml -t opt-output-dir=file:/Users/jpritchett/daisy-pipeline/testOut/JW393,opt-zedai-filename=JW393_zai.xml


Aha, that does it. Thanks!

Two recommendations: Make this clearer in the README in the section about command line usage ("comma-delimited list of options"), and provide multiple command line examples in the transformer documentation.


I agree, the CLI is currently under-documented. FYI the next release will feature a revamped CLI, and we will seize the opportunity to write proper documentation and examples.