Implementation of DAISY Online in practice

My name is Maria Finström and I work as Project Manager at the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI). Together with Celia Library, we have developed a DAISY Online Delivery Service of talking books. I would like to start a discussion about implementations elsewhere in the world.

Almost a year ago, the DAISY Consortium Board approved of the Specification for the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol. Online delivery of published content (be it talking books, newspapers or magazines) has been discussed many years and the answer to the pleas around the world was the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, admirably developed by the DAISY Online Working Group. A year after the approval of the Protocol, a lot of things have happened here in Finland, and I am sure elsewhere as well.

The situation in Finland is that a DAISY Online Delivery Service was launched in January 2011. The Service is run by the Celia Library and clients have access to all talking books at the Library. At the moment we have about 250 clients using the Service with DAISY Online compatible DAISY players. Later, clients will be able to connect to a similar kind of service at the FFVI and read talking newspapers and magazines. During development of the Service, there were many questions to consider and we still have many unsolved issues. One of them is the complicated enrollment process. If we wish (and we do) to offer the Service to a larger amount of clients, the enrollment and installation process needs to be rethought.

I would very much like to know what kinds of plans there are to implement DAISY Online elsewhere in the world. Here are some questions I have in mind:

- If you are planning to implement DAISY Online, what kind of service are you planning? (Based on computers, or on some other kind of device? Dynamic Menu or not? Streaming only or downloading as well?)
- What do you see as the main target group of the service?
- What kind of challenges have you faced/are you facing when integrating DAISY Online with your existing service architecture, such as Library management system, production system?
- What kind of communications infrastructure are you planning? (Internet connectivity for users)
- What is your enrollment and installation process?
- Do you have plans to implement an online configuration service to make the enrollment and installation easier?

I am looking forward to your comments!
Best regards,

Hello Maria and all.

APH is working on implementation of DAISY Online but we have encountered some technical issues. I'd love to talk to someone about how they succeeded; i.e. what challenges they encountered and what tools seemed to work.

Our interest is in distributing some DAISY peridocal publications and educational materials as well as offering direct online support on our players (reading systems).

You may contact me through or at

streaming and downloading will be great help for viewers but make sure that only the free contents will be availble for download and streaming.