Linenum Style and Future Feature Request Daisy 2.1.1

Hi, I'm having issues with the linenum style, but I'm not sure if its the way I am applying the style that is causing the problem. I have a paragraph with line numbers throughout it. I then applied the Linenum style to each of the numbers. After Saving As Daisy XML the linenums and text between the numbers are all placed in separate paragraph tags. For example: 12 Text text text 13 Text text text Is there a way around it? Am I applying the style correctly? For future features, it would be great to have extra fields in the Save As Daisy dialogue box for additional authors/editors for the docauthor tag. It would also be great if we could somehow mark the stanzas of a poem as distinct linegroups, within one poem div. We can put a blank Normal styled line between the two stanzas, but then it restarts a new div for each stanza. Thanks for reading. Kind Regards, Tarryn

Hi, The linenumber element was intended for poems, but many people wanted to use it in a variety of places. To avoid having a paragraph generated, you could use the line element. The l line group would be used for a stanza. See the structure guidelines for poem at: You will find the link to the structure guidelines there, which shows the usage.