Frequently Asked Questions - Pipeline Accessibility

Is the DAISY Pipeline compatible with screen readers ?

The DAISY Pipeline GUI is built on technology using Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) APIs to render user interface elements accessible to assistive technology. It has been successfully tested with popular screen readers such as JAWS and Window-Eyes.

Is there a workaround for known accessibility issues ?

Some scripts are available for JAWS in the code repository to improve the user experience on the DAISY Pipeline GUI with this screen reader. These scripts also provide some help about the most complex controls.

Can I customize the keyboard shortcuts ?

Almost all of the key bindings available in the DAISY Pipeline GUI are configurable in the Keys preference dialog. This dialog is accessible via the "Window ? Preferences" menu bar item.

How do I access the browser in the documentation perspective ?

You can press the F6 key to toggle between the documentation index and the corresponding html document.