Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions about the DAISY Pipeline

What is the DAISY Pipeline ?

The DAISY Pipeline is a suite of tools designed to meet the varied and increasing production needs of the DAISY community by providing a cross-platform, customizable and extensible framework for document- and DTB-related transformations. It supports the migration of digital content to various formats efficiently and economically, facilitating both production and distribution of DAISY DTBs.

Who is the targeted audience ?

The DAISY Pipeline is primarily addressed at organizations and companies involved in DAISY production. However, its use is not restricted to the DAISY membership.

Who is working on the DAISY Pipeline ?

The Pipeline is a collaborative project hosted by the DAISY Consortium, with numerous organizations participating and contributing to the development. Most contributions are open source, and reside at the DAISY Pipeline development site.

How much does it cost ?

Nothing! The DAISY Pipeline is free and open source software available under LGPL, the GNU Lesser General Public License, to any organization, commercial company or individual.

On which platform can I run the DAISY Pipeline ?

The DAISY Pipeline uses cross platform technology and is currently available for Windows (98, Me, XP), Mac OS X (PPC or Intel), and Linux.

Can I contribute ?

Of course! The DAISY Pipeline is an open source collaborative software development project and much functionality is still needed. If you would like to join the DAISY open source community and contribute to the development of the Pipeline, please contact Markus Gylling, DAISY International Technical Development Coordinator, using the Contact Us Form on the DAISY Web site. Please select the "Project DAISY Pipeline" Category.

How can I be updated on DAISY Pipeline news ?

You can regularly check the News section of the DAISY Pipeline website, or if you're a DAISY Member please please subscribe to the DAISY Pipeline Interest Group mailing list.

What if I have questions ?

For general questions about the DAISY Pipeline, please use the DAISY Pipeline forum.