Frequently Asked Questions - intro to DAISY

How can DAISY be used?

Using the DAISY Standard, content creators, such as a library serving people who are blind or visually impaired or a book publisher, can produce accessible and navigable books to meet a variety of reading needs. In general, organizations can:

  • Produce a Digital Talking Book (DTB) that enables a person to navigate through it in a way comparable to how a print book would be used. For example, readers can examine the book by page, section, or chapter, or use a table of contents or an index. In general, this goal may be accomplished by creating a structured text file integrated with a human-narrated audio file.
  • Synchronize an electronic text file with an audio file to provide readers with the choice to examine the text and/or listen to the audio version of it.
  • Generate an electronic braille file from the electronic text used to create the DAISY book.
  • Produce a structured digital ''text-only'' document which can be read with a DAISY software player in combination with a braille display or speech synthesizer.