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Fallback method for fonts is unclear

Project:EPUB Maintenance
Component:Open Publication Structure (OPS)
Category:bug report
Status:completed @ 2.0.1

In the section on embedded fonts we specify a comma-separated list of fonts as the CSS approved way of performing fallback searches for fonts. However, we do not provide a specific exemption for fonts in the section media types. It is therefore unclear what fallback behavior is required.

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A fifth fallback method exists for fonts that have been embedded using the @font-face mechanism. When using such fonts, the basic rules of CSS are used to provide fallback information. There is no requirement to add fallback data to the manifest entries for embedded fonts. As an example, the following CSS is considered to have sufficient fallback information:

@font-face {
font-family: "My Font";
src: url("fonts/MyFont.otf")
p { font-family: "My Font", serif }



Assigned to:Anonymous» BDuga


Status:open» proposed resolution

Updated with proposed text to allow CSS-only fallback data for fonts.


Status:proposed resolution» errata

No comments in 5 weeks. Moving to "errata".


Status:errata» completed @ 2.0.1