Treatment of Table of Contents, Front matter, Body matter & Rear Matter in Save As DAISY

Original Author(s): Prashant Ranjan Verma

Save As DAISY version requires the use of Bodymatter style if the document to be translated contains an automatically generated Table of Contents(TOC).

If you have inserted a Table of Contents in your Microsoft Word document using the heading styles, then you must use the Bodymatter(DAISY) style to indicate the end of front matter and beginning of body matter. The Bodymatter (DAISY style can be applied on any piece of text or even on a blank line. It should be used after the end of the TOC at a point where the main content of the document also called the body matter starts. If this style is not applied the document will fail validation and will not translate.

All the text before the Bodymatter style is then treated as the Front matter of the resulting DAISY DTB. Optionally the Rearmatter style can also be used to mark the beginning of the rear matter section such as the index and appendix.

The DAISY Frontmatter, Bodymatter and Rearmatter styles were introduced to give more control over the translation process. When documents were translated with earlier versions of Save As DAISY add-in, the TOC was moved to the very top of the resulting XML file and there was no way one could mark the beginning of the body matter or rear matter.

The method of using these styles is same as that for other DAISY styles.

  1. click the "Import styles" button in the Accessibility ribbon
  2. Select the text on which style is to be applied
  3. Open the "Styles" list box. In the Home ribbon click on the Styles button or use the keystroke CTRL+SHIFT+S.
  4. In the list double click the style which is to be applied.

Further note that Microsoft Word provides different styles for inserting Table of content. Manual Table of content should not be used, it is not supported by Save As DAISY. Table of contents should not be embedded with other features of Word, like sidebars, Table cell etc. If you have created Table of Contents for Chapters, then you should convert them to plain text before using Save As DAISY.

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