Sigtuna DAR 3 - ATAU (Audio & Text Addition Utility)

The ATAU (Audio & Text Addition Utility) is the tool for synchronizing text with an existing audio recording. You can add text to a "ToC only book" created by Sigtuna DAR 3 and also to a project created in another application. The ATAU function cannot be used unless there is audio in the project. It can also be used for revising text in a XHTML file.

To start the ATAU, select "ATAU" (F11) in the "Tools" pull down menu or click the "ATAU screen" button in the tool bar. The confirmation message is shown, click "Yes".
Attention!! VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT click the links in browser on the upper part of the screen after finishing synchronization.
An error message will be shown, and there will be problems in the project that you are unable to fix using Sigtuna DAR 3.

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