Become a DAISYpedia Editor

DAISYpedia Editors create and update content on DAISYpedia.

If you have knowledge or expertise that you think would be of benefit to the DAISY community, become a DAISYpedia Editor. To become a DAISYpedia editor you will first need to create a login account.

Please note the following:

  1. Edited content will be reviewed and published by DAISY Training and Support Staff.
  2. All content is subject to the DAISYpedia Article Submission Guidelines.
  3. Copyrighted material must not be submitted unless you own the copyright or have permission to publish it (with credit given to the copyright holder).
  4. We request that you post articles that benefit DAISY community on DAISYpedia and your personal opinions on your blog.
  5. Repeated violations of the DAISYpedia Guidelines will result in removal of editing privileges.

DAISYpedia Editor Application

  • Please submit your request to become a DAISYpedia Editor using the Contact Us form.
    If you do not have a login account yet, please review the login procedures.

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