DAISY Pipeline: Validation

Original Author(s): Olaf Mittelstaedt

(to check the validity, the concordance with the DAISY Standard, of a finished DAISY book or file)

Validate everything: a DTBook file, a DAISY 2.02 finished book, a DAISY 3 finished book and then some…

To start: this is not a transformation, thus it is found under the section: 'Verify'. Validation is probably the single most important step in the production of anything related to DAISY. Valid input and outcome are of essential importance since almost all transformations in the DAISY Pipeline require valid input, but more importantly even is the validity of the resultant DAISY DTB's that are produced:

DAISY DTB's that don't conform to the standards:

  • may not be called that

  • are not guaranteed to be usable by any or all DAISY reading devices

  • are not future safe

So as content is handed from one step to the next along a DAISY production line it should be assured that it is validated after each step.

Here it goes:

Ctrl + N (or click: New Job Wizard)(you can find all keyboard shortcuts by Ctrl + Shift + L)

NOTE: this is the always the first step 

Image of 'Pipeline Wizard' icon in DAISY Pipeline

then choose=>Verify

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to DTBook Validator

There are now six different validators of which three will be explained below.

Case one: DTBook validation

(this is the *.xml file generated by Save as DAISY)

choose=>DTBook Validator

Here you need browse for the path to your *.xml DTBook file as Input

Image of Pipeline configuration window with highlited Parameters

The Optional Parameters available can be left out but if you like to get an more extensive report you should set the path to the folder where the report should end up and check the tick box 'Generate Context Info' which will give you details about the errors and where exactly they can be found.

Hit 'Finish'

After that run the job with Ctrl + F1 or by clicking here

Image of Pipeline 'run' icon

Since you should have validated the DTBook file when it was produced by Save as DAISY, you will be congratulated for your efforts:

Image of Pipeline message window with 'Congratulations' highlited

Case two: DAISY DTB 2.02 validation

Pretty much the same as above, with the difference that here you choose =>DAISY 2.02 DTB Light Validator

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to DAISY 2.02 Validator

After hitting 'Next' you set the path to the *.ncc file of your DAISY 2.02 book and run the job with Ctrl + F1

Case three: DAISY DTB 3 validation

(to check the validity of a finished DAISY book)

As above with the difference that the validator to choose is Z3986 (the official name of DAISY 3)

Image of Pipeline wizard with highlighted path to Z3986 DTB Validator

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