DAISY Course Report - Croatia 2010

Trainer: Prashant Ranjan Verma

Five days of training in DAISY book production were recently conducted at the Croatian Library for the Blind by Prashant Ranjan Verma, a Training and Technical Support Consultant for the DAISY Consortium. The Croatian Library for the Blind is a governmental institution under the Ministry of Culture, and is an Associate Member of the DAISY Consortium.

DAISY training participants and trainer, Zagreb, Croatia, January 2010 Following the first day and an evaluation of the progress and skill sets of the two people in training, Mr. Verma customized the course outline and content to ensure that the information and processes being presented could be adopted in an actual production setting. Both people were highly experienced language experts who had worked in the Library's analogue tape studios. From the production tool options available MyStudio PC was chosen as the most suitable.

The Library assigned a technician who was knowledgeable about computer software applications and also brought in a sociology student from Zagreb University to assist with the training. With their understanding of computers they were able to learn the various DAISY tools quickly. An IT expert from the Library observed the training and was able to comprehend DAISY concepts and get a good understanding of DAISY tools.

The expected outcomes of the training provided for the technicians at the Croatian Library for the Blind included

  • Understanding of the scope, usability and functionality of the DAISY Standards
  • Ability to use DAISY 2.02 digital talking book playback tools
  • Ability to use DAISY production tools to create DAISY 2.02 audio only (audio with structure) digital talking books
  • Understanding of the DAISY DTB fileset

CD shelving stacks of digital audio books taken at the Croatian Library for the Blind, February 2008 During the training the two trainees each produced five DAISY books, including books in the Croatian language and TTS narration and audio import. At the end of the five days of training all participants were provided with a resource CD that contained training material and software useful for DAISY production and playback. Mr. Verma reported that the Croatian Library for the Blind now has the competence required to produce DAISY books and also has the required hardware and software in place. He also stated that there is a great of awareness about the DAISY format among users Croatia who have requested that the library to begin producing and providing DAISY books.