DAISY Course Report - Colombia 2010

April 2010
Trainer: Olaf Mittelstaedt

The course:"CONOCIMIENTO Y UTILIZACIÓN DE LA RED DE PRODUCCIÓN DE LIBROS HABLADOS DIGITALES CON LAS HERRAMIENTAS DEL CONSORCIO DAISY" (roughly translated: "Knowledge and use of a production line for digital talking books using DAISY Consortium tools"), organized by FOAL (FUNDACIÓN ONCE – AMÉRICA LATINA, Spain) and INCI (Instituto Nacional Para Ciegos,Colombia) took place at the Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española, from the 26th to the 30th of April 2010 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Well, in fact the manifest organizers were Sara Pinies de la Cuesta (from FOAL) and John Jairo Jiménez Vargas (from INCI) whom I all thank for pulling this incredible event off-and-together.

29 participants, representing disability spectrum organisations from 19 Latin American countries took part.

2 trainers and 2 assistants took the group to a 'tour d'horizon' of the present possibilities of DAISY production, showing a DAISY 3 production line: Save as DAISY (as editor), OBI (as TOC-book production tool), TOBI (as human voice recording tool), DAISY Pipeline (here as Validator, TTS-Narrator).

But particular weight was given to the new DAISY Dorina Producer (DDP) (an in-the-cloud storage, lending, editing, authoring, web based DAISY-do-it-all developed by the Dorina Foundation), Save as DAISY, Pipeline and Sigtuna.

Withstanding the time constraints and the scarcity of trainers, but due to the enthusiasm, curiosity and great spirit of cooperation of the participants, they managed to produce four different types of books:

- Human recorded toc-only DAISY 3

- TTS recorded full-text, full-audio with pages, hierarchical structure in 4 levels with special emphasis on local navigation in DAISY 3 and DAISY 2.02

- DDP in-the-cloud human recorded, full-text, full audio DAISY 3

- Full-text, partial-audio DAISY 2.02, converted and char-set switched from DTBook, opened and recorded in SIGTUNA

That not being enough the group was also introduced to, and trained in the use of the first private foreign language DAISY forum (in Spanish) hosted at DAISY's new Drupal site. Here the group, and only they, can exchange ideas, report glitches encountered and seek solutions. Responsible for the monitoring, and seeking solutions to unsolved problem from the wider DAISY community (and that in English) is John Jairo Jiménez Vargas (from INCI). All other trainers present in Cartagena will be monitoring as well.