Use of Note in OBI


Bonjour Rachana,

today we try the Note use in OBI 391. We have understood how to mark the beginning and the end of a serie of Phrases as a Note
and how to define another Phrase as a pointer to the Note. So far so good. We can see the title of the pointer moving to brown with the french word 'Appel', the Note phrases title is colored in orange for the Note with a french word 'Annotation'. Fine.
Now when we listen to the section of the book where the Note is, there is no special sound/word indicating this is a pointer to what Note ?
I mean: we used a device named Victor to listen to the DTB and at no time the Note was identified as a Note ? Could it be it is a facility of DAISY 3
when we exported our book in DAISY 2.02 ?
When we listen to the DTB as a whole the Phrases where the pointer is and the Note are is just read in sequence.
I tried to find in the Preferences a way to avoid the reading of the Note (if I decide I am not interested in Note), but did not find anything.
Is there a place to understand how to manage Note in OBI 391 ? How for the reader is identified a Note ? I mean if when I record the book I
prononce the words 'beginning of the Note' / 'end of the Note', then there is the indication, biut I was thinking OBI 391 would do it for us.

Thanks for your support
Eric Houdy

We are producing Daisy Book in our association in Geneva, Switzerland. We are currently trying the last version of OBI 4.0 and we have exactly the same issues than Eric with the notes in Daisy 2.02. Should be great to know if there is some solution?

Christophe Rossier
Association pour le Bien des Aveugles, Genève

Hello Chris,

Thanks for mailing in Obi forum.

The concept of notes is more used in full text full audio books, because the pointer from the noteref to the note
can be operated in better way.The support of notes in audio only playback depends a lot on capability of daisy players.
Obi can export notes in Daisy3 but you will get its benefit only when your daisy player supports it.

If you want the player to speak the position where the note starts, please record "note" in first phrase of the note.

If you would like to share any file/image with us,please mail us on

Thanks & Regards