Multilingual document


I would like to ask about how DAISY and SAVE-AS-DAISY treats multilingual documents, both in word-level and paragraph-level. I figure out:

1. Even if I mark a single word within a paragraph to be of a different (than the rest of the paragraph) language, the resulting XML does not markup that difference


always record the language of the first word of the paragraph, even if all the rest paragraph is in another language

However, what is most important to understand, is how DAISY readers exploits this language information. If this is to be utilized only by TTS, it is useful for the TTS to know whether a word belongs to a specific language, to read it appropriately.

Can I enable word-level language mark-up?

Is there any other usage of the language mark-up apart from TTS?

Thank you,

Dear Apostolos, In my good old Word for Windows 97 I simply turn on automatic language detection. Then all words foreign to the principal language declaration get their appropriate language tag. Switching to multi-language support in the Pipeline renders the audio appropriately IF TTS's in those languages are present. Regards Olaf

Hello Olaf,

This does not work. I manually set the language in paragraph and then switches the language in some words. In WORD document, everything seems fine with language definitions: when I place the cursor over foreign words, the status-bar shows the correct language. However, when I export to DAISY, only paragraph level language is marked and moreover, this is based on the language of the very first word of the paragraph.

Dear Apostolos, It does work in Word 97, unfortunately I have no way of checking with other versions of Word. Anyone else any ideas why this is so? Regards Olaf

Dear Apostolos, Your findings are correct. In fact if you look up the SAVE AS DAISY manual (Accessibility ribbon >> Translator Help document, in section 7.5 you will find the use of the LANGUAGE button in the ACCESSIBILITY ribbon and its limitation as follows. "Note: The Language feature uses a paragraph as the smallest indivisible unit. i.e. the language may be set for a whole paragraph only or multiple paragraphs. It may not be set for a single sentence in a paragraph." So, if it is essential to mark language at word level I guess it will have to be hand crafted after the XML file is ready. I confirmed this behaviour using Word 2010 and the latest DAISY Translator. Thanks, Prashant

...what is so magical about my stone old Word version that it does that... I just tried to confirm.

I also played around with the myriad of setting that might relate to that phenomenon, but so far couldn't find anything.



I tested on a computer having MS Office 2007. A line containing English, French, German & Hindi word translated as follows with Save As DAISY. Note that the languages were being identified correctly in the Word document. Thank you merci Danke शुक्रिया.

Thank you merci Danke शुक्रिया.