Character Sets

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Character set listing

Note that the recommended character set to use is Unicode (utf-8 encoding).

Full list

A full list of other character sets that exist is available at

Common character sets

These are some character sets commonly in use. Please note that the list is not complete. Your document may actually use an encoding other than those listed here. Refer to the documentation of the text editor used for more information.

Documents created using western characters including A-Z, nordic, german and hispanic special characters
windows-1252, iso-8859-1
Documents created using Japanese characters
Shift_Jis (which can also be labeled as windows-932).
Documents created using Thai characters
windows-874, TIS-620
Documents created using Korean characters
kcs5601, iso-2022-kr
Documents created using Traditional Chinese characters
Documents created using Simplified Chinese characters
GB2312, EUC-CN
Documents created using Vietnamese characters
Documents created using various Indian Language characters
ISCII Assamese: x-iscii-as
ISCII Bengali: x-iscii-be
ISCII Devanagari: x-iscii-de
ISCII Gujarathi: x-iscii-gu
ISCII Kannada: x-iscii-ka
ISCII Malayalam: x-iscii-ma
ISCII Oriya: x-iscii-or
ISCII Panjabi: x-iscii-pa
ISCII Tamil: x-iscii-ta
ISCII Telugu: x-iscii-te
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