Calendar: Upcoming Events

A list of past events is also available.

2017-01-17 to 2017-01-19 - New York City, USA

More information can be found on the Digital Book World conference website.

2017-01-18 - New York City, US

More information is available on the IDPF website.

2017-01-18 to 2017-01-21 - Orlando, Florida

Most extensive assistive technology conference: ATIA 2017 showcases international excellence in the field. Come to expand your knowledge or professional development through expert educational sessions, discover the latest in products and systems, broaden your contacts in the community, and share your own expertise. More information is provided on the ATIA 2017 website.

2017-02-14 - New York City, US

IDPF members have voted to move forward with a plan to combine interests with the W3C. This program will bring together publishers, distributors, retailers and service providers to examine the role organizations like the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) may play when the eBook standard is managed through the W3C. The event will be from 8:30 am to 11:00 am EST. More information is available on the BISG website.

2017-02-27 to 2017-03-04 - San Diego, California, USA

More information is provided on the CSUN conference website.

2017-03-09 to 2017-03-10 - Brussels, Belgium

The main objective of this event is to "touch" what the EPUB digital publication format can bring to the professionals and to the readers of the 21st century in terms of flexibility, interoperability, and accessibility. With the EPUB Summit, EDRLab aims to strengthen a true spirit of cooperation between professionals and push to the massive adoption of the EPUB 3 format by the European publishing industry.

2017-03-14 to 2017-03-16 - London, UK

The Accessible Books Consortium will present their annual International Excellence Award. More information about the London Book Fair can be found on the London Book Fair 2017 website.

2017-03-23 - Baltimore, USA

One day event. Find out more in the DAISY Planet newsletter. Registration is now open - register on the NFB website.

2017-04-05 to 2017-04-07 - Stockholm, Sweden

Tactile Reading conference will bring together people working with children and youth with visual impairments and blindness, from all over the world. More information is provided on the Tactile Reading conference website.

2017-04-18 - Webinar

In 2016 the Accessible Publishing working group released version 1 of its "Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing". A year later, an update to this guide will be made available for anyone interested in this critical topic. Join this webinar to learn what's new in version 2, why it matters and how you can learn more about making content accessible. More information can be found on the BISG website.

2017-06-12 to 2017-06-14 - Arlington, VA

For additional information, please go to the M-Enabling Summit website.

2017-06-19 - Cité des Sciences in Paris

The Forum will explore such themes as:

  • How cultural institutions are using technology to embrace disabled audiences and improve access to their collections, information and activities
  • How technology can facilitate creative expression for people with disabilities
  • How educators, art organizations, local authorities as well as software and hardware developers can work together to build accessible solutions
  • How progress can be leveraged through public and private initiatives
  • How dialogue can be instigated between e-Accessibility stakeholders and the cultural industry to ensure that cultural assets and activities are born accessible

More information will be available soon.

2017-06-20 - Webinar

Book Industry Study Group webinar. 1:00 pm ET. Details are available on the BISG website.

2017-06-26 to 2017-06-27 - The Hague, The Netherlands

2017-06-28 - The Hague, The Netherlands

More information is available in the DAISY Planet article and on the Better Together conference website.

2017-08-19 to 2017-08-25 - Wroclaw, Poland

Theme: Libraries. Solidarity. Society. More information is available on the event website.