Recording books with Obi

Obi enables users to create accessible and navigable audiobooks. Obi Version 3.8 was released in December 2015. We are glad to witness that Obi empowers different organizations around the world. National Network for Equitable Library Service (The Canadian Accessible Library System) provides tips for recording books with Obi as follows:

Installing Obi and things to consider:

  • Obi is a Windows only program that requires DirectX 9c
  • Check which version of DirectX is installed
  • Download DirectX 9c and install
  • Download Obi and install
  • If online installer is causing problems, try Obi's offline installer


The Obi Recording Documentation takes you through the process step-by-step.


  • Create book structure before recording.
  • Use the "Next Page" button when the next phrase of the audio is a page number (e.g. "Page 10"), and use "Next phrase" for all other audio. When using the "Next Page" button, be sure to read the page number right away without allowing silence.
  • After recording, mark which pages belong to front and rear matter.
  • Do phrase detection after all editing is complete.
  • When editing metadata, include Creator (author), Publisher, and narrator (your name).

Read more on the NNELS website and on DAISYpedia.