9 Reasons to Choose High Quality Text-to-Speech

Computer generated voice, also called 'text-to-speech' or 'text-to-voice' functionality, enables people with visual impairments to live more independent lives. In addition, sometimes hearing text read out loud to you is better than reading with your eyes, especially when you are driving or walking and using a portable device.

There are plenty of reasons why clarity and accuracy of text-to-speech matter:

  • You can comprehend and retain information better if you are listening to a clear voice and have an ability to adjust reading speed
  • Lifelike text-to-speech makes learning easier for auditory learners
  • Why take directions from just anyone if you have an option to choose a pleasant voice telling you where to drive and when to turn
  • Long commutes seem shorter if you have a mobile device and your e-book is read out loud to you by a human sounding voice
  • Make proofreading easier - use text-to-speech
  • Visually impaired people depend on speech-enabled devices, technologies that serve them should be easy to use and pleasant to hear
  • Long texts can be boring to read, mix it up by changing voices and accents
  • Many parents don't have time to read to their children, use human sounding text-to-speech voices to fill the gap
  • It is always beneficial to have a virtual assistant that sounds good.

Fortunately text-to-speech has improved a lot during last 5 years. There are different options available, for example Acapela TTS, or Google TTS.