AMIS Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: Different translations of AMIS often have different keyboard shortcuts. This document describes the default English set of shortcuts. Please see the documentation included with AMIS ("Keyboard shortcuts" under the Help menu) for information relevant to your configuration.

Commands for AMIS and corresponding keyboard shortcuts are given below. Some commands have only single-letter shortcuts to be used once inside the menu. Other commands have multi-key shortcuts to be used from anywhere in AMIS.

Organized by menu

File (Alt+F)

  • Open...: Ctrl+O
  • Open URL...: Ctrl+U
  • Close: C
  • Load CD: Ctrl+L
  • Search Drives...: S
  • Preferences...: P
  • Recent: R
  • Exit: Alt+F4

View (Alt+V)

  • Sidebar: S
  • Basic View: F11
  • Page Style: P
  • Bigger Font: G
  • Smaller Font: M
  • Text Style...:T

Play (Alt+P)

  • Escape:Esc
  • Faster:Ctrl++
  • Slower:Ctrl+-
  • Normal Speed:Ctrl+0
  • Increase Volume:Ctrl+Up
  • Decrease Volume:Ctrl+Down

Navigate (Alt+N)

  • Previous Section:Up
  • Next Section:Down
  • Show Section Depth:S
  • Previous Phrase:Left
  • Next Phrase:Right
  • Previous Page:Ctrl+Left
  • Next Page:Ctrl+Right
  • Go to Page...:Ctrl+G
  • Find in Text...:Ctrl+F

Bookmarks (Alt+B)

  • Add Bookmark:Ctrl+D

Info (Alt+I)

  • Reading Options...:R
  • Publication Summary...:P

Help (Alt+H)

  • Contents:C
  • Keyboard shortcuts:K
  • About AMIS:A

Other (not in menu)

  • Find next:F3
  • Find previous:Shift+F3
  • Focus on sidebar:Ctrl+N
  • Focus on text:Ctrl+T
  • Toggle book audio:Ctrl+Shift+F
  • Toggle self-voicing audio:Ctrl+Shift+G
  • Decrease self-voicing volume:Ctrl+Shift+Down
  • Increase self-voicing volume:Ctrl+Shift+Up
  • Decrease book volume:Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Down
  • Increase book volume:Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up
  • Increase TTS volume:Ctrl+Shift+Right
  • Decrease TTS volume:Ctrl+Shift+Left
  • Decrease section depth:Ctrl+Q
  • Increase section depth:Ctrl+P
  • Reset highlight colors:Ctrl+Shift+E